The team

Working with giants

Students and post-doctoral fellows

Josu G Alday

Independent Juan de la Cierva research fellow working on community ecology.

Javier Hedo

Post-doctoral research fellow working on fuel moisture dynamics.

Carles Arteaga

Fire guy. PhD student working on ecosystem resilience after fire

Faqrul I Chowdhury

MS student working on nocturnal stomatal conductance


Jordi Voltas

Jordi is a professor in Lleida and primary collaborator on most of the stuff we do.

Arthur Gessler

Arthur is a group leader at WSL and one of the main persons responsible for our current circadian research

Jacques Roy

Jacques is in charge of the Montpellier CNRS Ecotron, an extremely cool facility you should really check out here

Matthias Boer

Matthias is a senior lecturer at Western Sydney and one of the main partners in crime in our fire work

David Tissue

David is a professor at Western Sydney and a primary collaborator on our work on nocturnal water fluxes and tree breeding

Ross Bradstock

Ross is a professor at Wollongong and also a major partner in our fire work.

Dave Williams

Dave was my PhD adviser and, despite knowing me for a very long time, he's still willing to work with me on our fire mortality project

Rubén Díaz-Sierra

Rubén knows about equations. He's an associate professor in Physics at UNED and is currently involved in several studies from circadian regulation, to community structure and fire.


Our group is part of the MedForLab. Folks like José Antonio Bonet, Carlos Colinas or Domingo Molina are also key collaborators.


Dr Luke Collins. Former postdoc. Now at University of Melbourne.

Dr Rachael Nolan. Former postdoc. Now at University of Techonology Sydney.

Dr Gabriele Caccamo. Former postdoc. Now at Department of Primary Industries of New South Wales.

Mr Marc Soler. Former Honors student based at UdL

Mr Eduard Paredes. Former Honors student based at UdL

Mr Tessema Engidaw. Former MS student based at UdL